Carara garden

Still don’t know if it’s the crispy morning air of the mountains, or the overwhelming sound of our roaring waterfall or the melodious of hundreds of bird calls as the sunrises maybe it’s the aromas of dozens of flowers along the trails or might well be the feeling of freedom of the passing by Scarlet Macaws or perhaps the multi-coloured sunsets overseeing the Pacific Ocean.

Carara Garden is the newest and best one-day attraction for all those who love nature, birds, sunsets, and tropical plants. We offer extraordinary birdlife all day long ranging from Toucans to mighty Eagles and tiny Olivaceous Piculet. Also very aware of an all-family attraction our staff has design activities for all ages including golden age people and wheelchair/physically limited tours. The prime location of our garden nestled between the lush rainforest of Carara National Park and the Nicoya Peninsula creates the perfect environment for birdwatchers and photographers.

We are the only destination on the entire Central Pacific with gardens of hummingbirds, bird photography hides, bird feeding stations, and natural habitats for wildlife and nature photographers. 

Apart from being focus on photography tours, we are proud to announce the National Geographic like experience, totally unique half-day, full-day or even multiday photography tour with the prestigious Nikon camera gear included. Yes, you have read it correctly, Carara’s Garden is the only place in Costa Rica where you can walk in grab a 300 or 500 mm prime lens, and take a bird photography expedition or if you are into flowers, bugs, and other small critters we will lead you into the less explored world of macro photography. 

Some thoughts from our


Liberty is the most treasured thing in life and can be found within nature

By Leonel Lepiz

The world should become one great place to our new generations

By Jose Cordero

Nature is everything we have and is all we are

By Leonardo Centeno

I am just a witness of rainforest marvellous life forms!

By Randall Ortega
  • Photography Adventure
  • $ 140
  • A craft nature experience for those who love nature photography in all its senses
  • Macro Photography
  • $ 70
  • Creatures, flowers, leaves, frogs, snakes and many other rather small life forms are abundant in our paradisiac gardens
  • Bird Photography
  • $ 70
  • Carara Garden trails and forests offer a good quality of bird photography all day long
  • Bird Watching
  • $ 70
  • Birding at our Garden is about the most relaxing hike you can do, nearly all birds are fairly close
  • Garden Tour
  • $ 50
  • This piece of heaven floating in between the rainforest and the Nicoya’s Peninsula is a magnificent place to start your nature experiences in Costa Rica
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