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Carara Garden

World’s Environment Day

Life on our planet before modern humans was a true Garden of Eden; a place where overwhelming flora and fauna rise as the sole king. Since industrial times our unwelcome intrusion has put nature to a dangerous edge. Water is no longer available for everyone; food supplies are high but not everyone can afford a decent healthy meal.

Wildlife is vanishing to an accelerated rate hard to calculate for most of us. Hundreds of thousands of plants are being cut off by the second on every corner of the globe. 


Our own existence is a jeopardy since we are just another species out the millions that try to coexist on this marvellous gem called planet earth.

Carara Garden due its privileged geographical position facing Nicoya Peninsula and side by Carara National Park, our garden has an incredible yet fragile biodiversity due the exploitation during decades by loggers, illegal hunters, animal traders. We remain as a little oasis of 16 hectares for those endangered species. The coming and future efforts of our garden and staff is to provide environmental education to the local communities with a single goal in mind. Is to help others understand that our acts can either provide stability to our ecosystems or else suffer the short- and long-term disasters. Although we don’t have the same number of flora species as Carara National Park, we share more than 400 hectares of old growth forest found at the foothills of our waterfall. Therefore, finding many of its amazing biodiversity is not a rare thing.


Carara Garden and Waterfall is adjacent to the extraordinary biological wealth of 480 species of plants, shrubs and trees with 14 endemics and 29 considered rare. Also there are 124 species of reptiles which represent 53% of all found in Costa Rica.

112 species of mammals, with about  47.8% of the total for the country.

62 species of amphibians roughly 33% of the 189 found in the entire country. 

432 species of birds, more than 47% of the 923 recorded for the nation, are considered top 3 in most important bird sites of Costa Rica which many of them also occur in our garden. To mention a few families of birds located on our premises are Trogons, Manakins, Woodpcreepers, Antbirds, Raptors, Parrots and alike, Hummingbirds, Flycatchers, Tanagers and many, many more.

All those statistics above are our solid bases to be a great part of the preservation thru education of our natural environments. Carara Garden would soon enough provide that missing link between local people, scientific authorities, governmental officials and sustainable tourism practices.

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