Bird Photography

It's long said “The early bird catches the worm”; mostly true about bird photography but Carara Garden trails and forests can offer good quality of bird photography all day long. We have divided our services in 3 different times of the day for 3 separated reasons.

Midday/morning Bird Photography Tour

Despite many might think this time of the day is also very rewarding, many species have already found their breakfast and they are preening on a nearby branch, or singing constantly for territory displays or mating. Therefore, photographing them could be a bit easier, another great reason why to be taking photos at this time of the day is for raptors perched observing where their next target, larger birds, showed themselves all along the garden.

Soaring eagles, king vultures, hawks, falcons and other raptors are coming out jumping on to hot air thermals. A great opportunity to capture them on flight.

Early morning Bird Photography Tour

Early in the morning is common to have a larger number of bird activity, many birds gather around our trails seeking for food, mate or water. They are the most active and abundant. Tanagers, Orioles, Seedaters, Flycatchers, Macaws, Toucans are among some of the many species that spend most mornings around all edges of the gardens

Afternoon Bird Photography Tour

Nearly as good as in the morning afternoons are full of surprises as the sun goes down groups of Scarlet Macaws gently fly past our look up points, bringing the very best of being in a rainforest, those spectacular colours shine against the evergreen forest and the deep blue skies. Photography to die for when pairs of them constantly spin around fighting or playing.

Toucans, Aracaries, Grosbeaks, Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers, Tytiras, Parrots and many more come to rest or watch the sun go down into the gorgeous islands of the Nicoya’s Peninsula.

Every tour is created to capture action shots, using the very best photography techniques for birds on flight.


5:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
12:30 m.d. – 5:30 p.m.



Bottle water
Mosquito repellent
Confortable shoes
Rain gear (rainy season only)


Nikon cameras
Lenses (300mm or 500mm PRIME)
Tripods / Monopods (carbon fiber)

* Photography equipment includes additional fees

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