Bird Watching

Hummingbird heaven, raptor paradise, toucans delight, macaw’s home and many more species including endemics such as Fiery billed Aracari, Golden naped Woodpecker, Orange collared Manakin, Turquoise Cotinga to mention a few.

Birding at our Garden is about the most relaxing hike you can do, nearly all birds are fairly close, the 3.5 km of trails are designed for everyone including kids of all ages. Extraordinary ocean view, deep rainforest canyons and lush colourful plants and flowers.

Birding for beginners. Are you new to birdwatching? 

If so, we are the right place to be. Carara garden offers you a true first better experience, our local guides are keen about birding and teaching others to follow their passion.

With their tutelage you will learn about bird general anatomical features for recognition, their natural history and secrets on where to find them.

It’s a great first birding experience with a slow pace on a breath-taking destination.

3 hour hike

Level: Easy to moderate

Birding with kids

How said is it not possible? Kids are sponges waiting for new experiences with nature. We are devoted to education with a fun approach for children. Your tour guide will teach them and you interesting facts about birds and their secret lives. Each of them will carry a pair of high quality pair of binoculars, their own field guide. It’s a 2 ½ hour nature hike that evokes that missing connection between kids and rainforest.

Birding on wheelchairs.

Although this is not a new practice in other parts of the world, we are the first botanical garden addressing this matter. We believe in Birding for All, a practice that could become a passion.

Many of our 3.5km of trails are suitable for wheelchair access. With a little beat of help the physically limited visitor can have lots of fun birdwatching in a very comfortable environment.

Advance birders.

There is room for everyone here! More advanced birders can have lots of fun in our gardens by targeting some less common species in other better known places such as Carara National Park or Tarcoles River. We are privileged to be at higher elevations with very deep canyons which make a perfect ecosystem for rare raptors such as Black Hawk Eagle, King Vulture. Also, we are about one of the few locations on which highly sought endemics are found, amongst them Turquoise Cotinga.

Certainly more experienced birders can find a marvellous place to sit and watch birds pass by.


5:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


Bottle water
Mosquito repellent
Confortable shoes
Rain gear (rainy season only)


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