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Life on our planet before modern humans was a true Garden of Eden; a place where overwhelming flora and fauna rise as the sole king. Since industrial times our unwelcome intrusion has put nature to a dangerous edge. Water is no longer available for everyone; food supplies are high but not everyone can afford a decent healthy meal. Wildlife is vanishing to an accelerated rate hard to calculate for most of us. Hundreds

A staggering number of butterflies and moths inhabit Costa Rican forests from the dry northwest pacific of Guanacaste to the deepest rainforest jungles in the Osa Peninsula or unexplored Talamanca’s mountainous ridges of San Vito-Cotobrus. Every single natural or altered habitat in this tiny country of 19000 mi2 offers a mesmerizing experience for those who are attracted by butterflies and moths. Although the number of butterflies in Costa Rica are many times less

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