Macro Photography

Tropical rainforest is a cosmos of beauty filled with intricate details from twisted drying petals to colourful jumping spiders. The tiny world of macro photography is as amazing as any African Safari. Creatures, flowers, leaves, frogs, snakes and many other rather small life forms are abundant in our paradisiac garden.

Our privileged geographical location plus the well cared trails, paths and flora offers a great array of photographic opportunities for people of all ages and interests.

Kids are amongst our favourite customers. They truthly enjoy chasing butterflies around, spending hours watching the world famous leaf cutting ants carrying leaf pieces, petals, and small fallen fruits to their nesting grounds. 

The tour is designed for anyone of any level of experience from the average Joe who wishes to try getting a good photograph of flowers to professionals, looking to collect more stock images for the portofolio.

Although our unique approach to macro photography is what really captures visitors to our botanical garden. We offer a 3 hour daily tour 3 times a day for those who either don’t have a camera or those who left it at home.

Using nothing but the best nikkor lenses ranging from 60 mm 2.8 to 105 mm 2.8; a journey to the least explored world of photography awaits for you.

During the 3 hour macro photography tour the visitor would learn basic techniques of capturing images with a sense of art and/or learn to photograph action such as bees eating nectar, lizards chasing bugs.

We also take our time to teach which are the best camera set ups if you are willing to try at home later on in life.

Carara Garden focuses on experiences that might last a lifetime. We are working hard to communicate the beauty of rainforest flora & fauna through photography.

The simple yet advanced Nikon Creative Lighting System is a superb tool for macro photography, it allows you to produce unique effects to studio level. For those curious minds who wish to add a new direction to their photography or for those irreplaceable moments we all dream to get.

We use R1C1 close ups flashes for all macro situations. Leaf cutting ants on their tireless journey, leaping rainforest frogs, colourful ladybugs to active snakes.


Three different time schedules:
8:00 a.m
11:00 a.m
2:00 p.m.


Bottle water
Mosquito repellent
Confortable shoes
Rain gear (rainy season only)


Nikon cameras
Lenses (macro 60mm 2.8 VR)
Flashes (R1C1 Nikon creative system)

* Photography equipment includes additional fees

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