Carara Garden is located only 8 miles from Carara National Park


Inspired by nature and for nature Carara Garden is a lifetime dream materialized. A place where the perfect blend between education, conservation and no traditional tourism meet. We have been working really hard all these pandemic days really hard to bring to you an all new experience in the heart of the Central Pacific. We are located 480 meters above sea level, bordered by Carara National Park and the Nicoya’s Peninsula, blown by the fresh air of higher elevations and the heat up by the golden beams of the Pacific sunsets.


During 2020; our work has been a consistent effort to restore the formerly known Pura Vida Gardens (a well known destination for Cruise Ship travellers and other more daring explores that venture pass the common tour sites); We have created a number of hidden spots within the garden for bird photographers, planted dozens of local plants and replaced many of the exotic non productive vegetation. Although still lots to do, we have seen how in such a short length of time many birds, and other wildlife such as monkeys, gophers, and coatis are slowly coming back to the garden adjacent to the natural rainforest.


Our team staff has studied the behaviour of birds, some insects and mammals and learned what they are needing. Since humans have taken so much away from them, mostly natural habitats to feed and reproduce. We had started to protect their niches, nesting sites such as those for the iconic Scarlet Macaws on which this 2020-2021 season we were able to securely protect from poachers 5 successful pairs. When we first arrived, hummingbirds were rather scary. Now less than a year later one must watch out for them, flying by really fast in front of our faces in search of new blooming flowers.


In a very careful way, our personnel have implemented safe feeding stations for secretive birds, we also have removed from the property dangerous threats to insects such as non-organic pesticides, avoid using petrol fuelled air blowers and extreme loud sounds.

Carara Garden wishes to implement educational courses, seminars, workshops and others to local communities, schools, senior citizen centers, non-profit organizations and many more. We are aware of the actual restrictions but nonetheless we are still growing daily and hope that very soon all our potential can be shared with others that care for rainforest well-being. 

Every project has a dream, a path to follow and a destination to arrive. We are not the exception to the rule. 


Our dream is to create a sanctuary for nature in all its forms, our path is education to inspire ourselves and others to be more in tune with nature and healthy practices and our destination is conservation through direct contact with flora and fauna. We believe in academic formation but first hand field immersion is the key to open up a closed door.


Carara Garden wishes to become part of an unlimited network of organizations, groups, associations; that care for a more sustainable future, a better tomorrow for us, for our planet.

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